Working in Sales at Miro

Miro is a collaboration platform for distributed teams. Steph Curry is an investor. They raised a $50m Series B last month on top of a growth surge as the workforce skews remote. Best of all, they’re hiring salespeople across the US and in Europe.

There’s potential to sell well in the near term and in the future, and I’ll explain why. Quick Facts:

    They have 20k customers and are planning on adding 150 employees before year-end

Why Join the Miro Sales Team?

The Platform Play

    Miro isn’t some hot new collaboration tool born in the time of COVID. They’ve been around for 9 years as a freemium tool. With this fresh round of funding they’re building more than an online whiteboard tool.
    CEO Andrey Khusid said “The concept from day one was building something for real-time collaboration and the platform thing is very important because we expect that people will build on top of our product.” Look at how Slack integrates with tools as a communication platform. Miro can integrate with many tools as a collaboration platform.
    This creates opportunity for salespeople. There's not only the social proof of customers like Netflix and Spotify. Platforms like Miro create the opportunity to “land and expand.” A freemium model means that any company can try Miro. If the product does what it says on the box, more users from that company will join. Once enough users joing, that company will make the easy decision to buy Miro. Or, they can make the difficult decision to vet and move onto another platform.
    Good product and easy onboarding is the best sales ally.

New Sales Team

    More than half of the sales team is brand-new this year. You’re not joining an established team with an entrenched culture. You have the opportunity to guide where that culture goes.
    The Miro sales team are alums of places like Linkedin, Oracle, and Box. Larger organizations with more robust sales teams and processes. You can expect that experience to mold how this team will look, taking the best of each world. As a young salesperson, I notice the opportunity to learn by osmosis from experienced individuals. More than half of them have been in sales for 5+ years.

Growth and Progress

    Looking through the customer logos, their overall traffic is growing. Monthly site visits went up 60% in April. More visitors turns into more freemium signups. More signups means more customers for you in a few months time.
    It’s not ephemeral growth, either. Miro is staking their claim patents and trademarks on their technology. Creating intellectual property further differentiates Miro and solidifies their market position. It’s also an indicator that they’re creating something unique in the market.

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There are a lot of new collaboration tools hitting the market right now. Miro separates themselves by having a strong position coming into 2020. The mass movement of Enterprise businesses to remote work presents an opportunity that salespeople are in a position to benefit from. Platforms with freemium models, like Miro, ease that movement.

This is the series of interesting sales roles I write about.

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