Starting a Sales Career at Gong

For our new grads, here’s why I’d bet on joining Gong to start my career. They’re hiring Sales Development Reps, the entry-level role in sales. If you dialed for dollars in your college donation center or any similar experience, this is worth a look.

Remote work is growing and businesses are looking for optimizations. Gong is set to crush it. Quick facts:

    Gong is a platform that listens into customer interactions. By observing sales or customer calls, it provides intelligence. This intel helps companies win deals or improve products.

Why Join the Gong SDR Team?

Career Path

    LinkedIn profiles of Gong employees show: People entering the SDR role are staying with the company. They're being internally promoted into different roles. It’s no fun being an SDR forever, so an internal career path should be a priority for anybody starting a sales career.
    Gong has a good balance of promoting internally and hiring externally. Promoting internally means that talent is noticed and rewarded. External hiring is from companies with known sales training programs, like Salesforce, Oracle, and Yelp. This helps you as a young salesperson learn a lot of different strategies quickly.

Gong is close to the revenue with room to expand

    Gong’s main service directly contributes to sales teams closing more deals. Every company wants their sales team to make more money. There’s a natural story to why someone should invest in Gong. It’s much easier to sell a solution with a clear tie to increasing customer’s revenue.
    After landing an initial contract with a company, Gong’s services can also be used by product teams. By listening into post-sales calls with customers, insights can be generated. New products that should be built or problematic trends arise. This dual value proposition lets Gong increase contract size over time. If you’re an Account Manager, that’s money in your pocket.

Investments in the right places

    Bombora reports that Gong is focusing investments on marketing and R&D this year. More marketing makes your job as an SDR easier. Prospects are much more likely to take a meeting with a name they know. This marketing is already starting to show. Gong is putting out fantastic content in all channels to help salespeople.
    R&D investments mean they’ll be more Gong product to sell in the future. That bolsters the upsell opportunity described before.

Strong team

    Sequoia, the investor behind Apple, Google, Oracle, Linkedin, etc, joined the December funding. Besides this important investor, Gong increased their total funding to $133 million. That's more than twice as much as its main competitor Chorus.
    The team at Gong continues to grow as well, having added Brian Bayless as the VP of Revenue. He joins after spending 17 years with McAfee.
    With their early success and these newer wins, you’re joining a company that’s poised for long term success. The safety net of funding and strong management means stability for your career path.
    As a Gong user, I can speak to their product. Gong should be a contender in your post-college career search. Their entry-level sales roles are hiring and there’s a clear path to your success with a company like this. A good team, a product with a story that resonates, and a track record of promoting from within is a rare trifecta.

See all Gong openings

Gong is hiring for sales positions in San Francisco. The opportunity to join a Series C company to start your career will have great benefits down the road.

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