Selling for Braze

For the first installment, we’re talking about Braze. I’m biased because I work here. That means I can report first hand on how we’re hiring and closing business even in our current paradigm.

As long as businesses exist they’ll need to communicate with their customers. Braze solves that priority-1 problem. So here’s the facts:

Quick Facts:

    Braze is a customer engagement platform. They power messaging experiences for brands like Postmates, Microsoft, ABC News, etc.
    Braze was founded in 2011 and has raised $175m in funding, the last round being an $80m Series E in October, 2018
    Braze recently passed 500 employees. 50% are in NYC, 20% in SF, 20% in London, and newer offices in Chicago and Singapore

Why Sell for Braze?

Braze is close to the revenue

    Braze lets brands send customer communications through their software. If brands cannot communicate to their users, they’re not making money. Because of that, Braze's tech is a top priority
    Making a business case in a sales cycle is more effective the closer you can tie your service to the revenue. Brands use Braze to say, very generally “here’s what’s for sale, would you like to buy?” so there’s a clear path to a business case.

Braze has raised the most of any of their startup competitors

    According to Owler, Braze’s funding and revenue tops all startup competitors. That means more investment in the product.
    Better product means better outcomes for customers and salespeople alike. This results in a better ability to weather hardships like the current market.

Long tenure

    61% of Braze sales reps have been there for more than a year. 20% have been there 3 years or more. Tenure speaks to long-term success reps experience. It can also indicate high quality of training and clear career path.

High Glassdoor Reviews from Salespeople

    10% of Glassdoor reviewers are from salespeople, with strongly favorable reviews.

High Degree of Promotion from Entry Level

    LinkedIn profiles of those who started in the BDR role show a pattern of promotion after 18 months. Career path should be on the mind of anyone starting their sales career. Braze is a company where you can move up from entry level.

Best Places to Work

See all Braze openings

Braze is hiring for all sales positions in many different geographies. The opportunity to join a 500 person company as it hits its stride is very intriguing.

This is #1 on the list of interesting sales roles I’ll be writing about.

All feedback and criticism is welcome. I’d love if you subscribed or shared this with someone that you knew was in the job market.

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