4 Black-Led Startups that are Hiring Salespeople Right Now

Join Bambee in LA to get small businesses the HR tools they need

An HR Team for $99/Month

    Bambee sells an HR solution that manages services for small businesses. This is a fantastic niche as small businesses need these services but are rarely able to dedicate the budget to an entire department. Bambee provides a real human and the strategy a business needs.

Led by Allan Jones

    After his days as the CMO of ZipRecruiter and the Founder of Triple Thread, Allan founded Bambee in 2016.

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Join Compass, the first modern real estate platform

Reinvent Real Estate Across the Country

    Compass is simplifying the real estate process and is hiring sellers in Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, and Boston.

Led by Robert Reffkin

    Robert has been at the helm of Compass since its inception almost 8 years ago. For even longer than that, Robert has led America Needs You, a non-profit that fights for the advancement of first-generation college students.

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Join Squire, the Nationwide Platform for Barbers and their Customers

The Premier Management Platform for Barbershops

    Barbershops need to speak to their customers, manage bookings, and handle payments. Squire provides a one-stop shop for just that.

Led by Dave Salvant

    Dave started Squire from Y Combinator. Now, he boasts clients nationwide with over $13m in funding.

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Join Jobble, the Flexible Career Platform

A Marketplace for Companies and Flexible Workers

    Somewhere between full-time and gig work, there are many jobs that exist for a day or a week. Jobble directly connects those employers with prospective employees.

Led by Zack Smith

    Since founding Jobble in 2016, Zack has been able to take Jobble nationwide. Last year's $11mil funding round will help build the platform and bolster the potential for international expansion.

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